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Project Description
FeedFly is a feed reader application designed for the Windows Mobile Professional platform built using the .NET Compact Framework. It was created to allow its users the ability to keep up with internet-syndicated content when away from their computer and without an internet connection. By downloading when the device has a data connection, feed items will be available for offline viewing.

> D-pad navigation
> Designed to be touch-screen friendly (no stylus required)
> Feed lists support touch scrolling

Feed Format Support
> RSS 2.0
> Atom
> Inheritance and factory pattern for feeds; new formats added easily

Offline Storage
> SQL Server Compact Edition used to store feed information
> Data types selected to maximize storage efficiency
> Storage control algorithms control database size to prevent runaway growth
> Formatted HTML supported when reading feed content

> Multithreading is used frequently to provide a responsive user interface
> Incorporates performance best practices published by the CF team
> Database denormalization and indexing; index seeks (bypass query processor) used for most querying

Data Structures
> Generics used to create strongly-typed lists, queues and stacks of custom objects
> Binary searches used for item duplication detection

Platform Integration
> State Notification broker used for data connection awareness
> Square screen support
> Windows Mobile Notification API used for error reporting

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